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ACU - Army Combat Uniform
Original Designation: HAT, SUN ACU

Translated Designation: No info

History: This new uniform was announced by the US Army 14th June 2004. It was developed by the Natick Soldier Systemets Center together with soldiers from 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, Stryker Brigade Combat Team. It incorporates 14 improvements over earlier uniforms.

Use: Being introduced into service in the US Army - this process started February 2005 and is planned to be completed April 2008.

Camouflage pattern: The ACU pattern is a pixel pattern. Only one version exists and this is to be employed in all terrains. The colours are: tan, greygreen and green. Black has been eliminated from the pattern - US Army PEOS (see link below) says: "What was found is no matter what color you make a uniform, if black is a property, and you are not standing in front of something black, the moment you move, the eye immediately picks up the black. Testing found that a digitized pattern worked better in more environments"

Other Information: About 10x10 cms of the camouflage pattern is shown below


Front view

Rear view


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